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Transit Trip Planner

Mountain Line Transit Trip Planner

The Mountain Line Transit has developed an online web application to help transit users plan their trips using Mountain Line Transit.  

Vehice Cost Calculator

Vehicle Cost Calculator

Alt. Fuel Station Locator

Alternative Fuel Station Locator

Environmental Justice Map

Environmental Justice Map

Bicycle Commute Map

Morgantown Area Bicycle Commute Map

Traffc Map

Real-Time Traffic, Crash, and Road Condition Map is a comprehensive website that provides real-time information about road conditions, traffic incidents, and weather alerts in West Virginia. The website is designed to help travelers plan their trips and make informed decisions about their travel routes. With up-to-date information on traffic flow, road closures, and construction projects, is a valuable resource for commuters, tourists, and anyone traveling within the state. 

Mon River Trails Map

Mon River Trails Map

Trail Map Logo.jpg
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