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Welcome to the Morgantown Monongalia Metropolitan Planning Organization (MMMPO) website! We are a transportation planning organization dedicated to improving the region's transportation system. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about the MPO and our transportation planning efforts. Our MPO is responsible for producing two important planning documents: Metropolitan Transportation Plan and Transportation Improvement Program. 

Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP). The MPO develops and updates MTP to include projects that reflect the transportation facility needs in the community.   

Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). TIP is a comprehensive four-year regional spending plan for near-term transportation projects, programs, and investment priorities.

USDOT released a Request for Information (RFI) on the USDOT Equity Action Plan. The RFI comment period ends on June 30th, 2023. USDOT seeks public comment on its Equity Action Plan and how its work has impacted organizations and communities. Please click here for the link. 

The WV Governor’s Highway Safety Program (WVGHSP) would like to know your thoughts on the traffic safety issues in your community. This is a wonderful opportunity for public input! Please click here for the form. 

Starting Wednesday (6/7/23), MRTC is upgrading drainage on the Star City section of the Caperton / Mon River Rail-Trail which will CLOSE a section of trail (mile 6). This work may take a week or more to complete, depending on the weather.


Work on the Collins Ferry Connector has begun again after a winter break. This section is CLOSED for trail use. The rail trails remain open for use, closure is only on the connector.

TTAC Agenda 6/6/2023

CAC Agenda 6/8/2023

Updated TIP Highway Table - March 2023

MMMPO Unified Planning Work Program FY2023-24

Updated Title VI (Adopted March 2023)

RAISE Grant Award Announcement from Senator Capito

RAISE Grant Award Announcement from Senator Manchin

MMMPO Public Involvement Policy (Adopted August 2022)

WVDOH Morgantown Pedestrian Safety Study

Highway Aerial

How We Can Help

We help the community plan for transportation improvements that meet their needs and priorities through:  

- Engaging the community for input and feedback on transportation issues. 

- Providing transportation information to help the community make informed decisions. 

- Coordinate transportation development with land use and economic development for regional prosperity.  

- Address transportation equity and sustainability issues. 



Join Our Meetings

Share your ideas and concerns

Citizens Advisory Committee meetings are held in person at 243 High St (Court House), Room 026 in downtown Morgantown. It is also accessible online (virtual meeting link) or by phone at +1-408-418-9388. Code 215843093. 

Policy Board Meetings are held at 1751 Earl L. Core Road (Board of Education administrative office) in Sabraton. It is streamed live on the MPO's YouTube Channel. 

Meeting Calendar


Attend Our Events

The MPO holds public events to engage with community members and solicit feedback on transportation studies and plans. These events provide an opportunity for the public to learn about proposed projects, voice their concerns, and provide suggestions to improve the transportation system. By holding these events, MPOs can ensure that the transportation plans and projects reflect the needs and priorities of the local community.

In addition, the MPO collaborates with the WV Division of Highways and Mountain Line Transit Authority to advertise public events on transportation projects and plans. 

Upcoming Events: 

Currently, there is no public event on the schedule.



Send Us a Message

How can the transportation system better serve you? 

Have you noticed traffic hazards on the road?

What improvements are needed to make you feel more comfortable walking and bicycling?

Have any suggestions to improve the transportation system in the area?

Have any comments to improve the transportation planning process?

Please tell us what you think. 

Thanks for submitting!

What We Do

The MMMPO has the authority to plan, prioritize, and recommend transportation projects for federal and state funding. It is responsible for ensuring the region is in compliance with federal and state planning requirements. The MMMPO is committed to providing leadership to regional transportation planning, promoting personal and social economic prosperity while encouraging sustainable growth. 

Regional Collaboration

Establish and manage a fair and impartial setting for effective regional decision-making in the metropolitan area.


Develop Metropolitan Transportation Plan, and conduct studies and analyses to inform planning decisions. 


Develop Transportation Improvement Program to ensure projects are coordinated and meet the needs of the community.  

Who We Are

The Morgantown Monongalia MPO is the federally-designated transportation planning agency for the Morgantown Monongalia area, serving as a regional partnership among the West Virginia DOT, the local transit agency, local elected leadership, local government, the business community, and citizens.

We work closely with local, state, and federal agencies to provide safe, efficient, and sustainable transportation options and to develop transportation plans and programs that reflect the needs and priorities of our community.



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